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5 Benefits of Cardboard Gift Boxes

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Gift boxes are a popular marketing technique these days. Businesses showcase their products in magnificent gift boxes to catch the attention of customers, and high-end brands also use rigid boxes to deliver their products to customers. This is mostly practised by luxury brands who can afford to package their products in expensive packaging gift boxes in the UK. However, some small brands also use this type of packaging in their businesses. These brands mostly use this type of packaging to display their products.

Cardboard is one of the materials used to create packaging gift boxes in the UK. Gift boxes are made with both plastic and cardboard, but since plastic is slowly going out of fashion and people are more into using sustainable packaging, cardboard gift boxes are becoming widely popular. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of cardboard gift boxes so you can decide whether having gift boxes made of cardboard are the right choice for your business or not.

Easy Customisation

Customisation is a trend now. Businesses don’t want to purchase standard packaging boxes. Instead, they want custom designs that are specifically made for their brands. It also allows customers to connect with the businesses more, and their boxes become recognisable for them. These are the reasons why customisation is an important factor to consider while choosing a packaging material. Cardboard gift boxes can be easily customised because cardboards are an easy material to manage. You can share your ideas with the vendor, and they can create something very close to your idea. This means that you can easily have packaging gift boxes in the UK especially made for your business.


As we mentioned, cardboard is an eco-friendly material. Customers nowadays appreciate sensibility and thoughtfulness. This is the reason why many brands choose to add cardboard packaging to their businesses. Cardboard is a material that doesn’t add waste to the environment, and sustainability stays intact. People are concerned about the environment now, which is why we see more and more eco-friendly products and packaging designs are becoming more popular. If you add cardboard packaging to your business, customers are also bound to appreciate it more, and you can also refrain from harming the environment.


Cardboard gift boxes are far more affordable than plastic. You might think that since cardboard is an eco-friendly material, it will be more expensive. However, this is not the case. Cardboard gift boxes are easily made, which also reduces their cost. They are also not as heavy as plastic, and less material goes into the production of cardboard boxes. All these factors play their part in making cardboard an affordable packaging type.


Cardboard boxes come in different sizes and weights. It depends on the type of protection you are looking for. While mostly, cardboard boxes cannot be used for heavy items; however, if you choose double or triple-walled cardboard boxes, they can easily carry heavy weights and provide the best protection. Plastic is more rigid, which makes it a difficult material to deal with. Cardboard boxes, on the other hand, are flexible, which makes them an easier option for transit as well.


Gift boxes made of cardboard are easily collapsible. This is another reason why many brands choose to have cardboard gift boxes for their packaging. Plastic boxes are not easy to store. They cannot be folded in any other way, but they have to be stored in their original shape, which requires a lot of storage space. Having cardboard gift boxes saves you from this trouble as you can easily unfold them and store them in a much smaller space. They don’t need an entire room to be stocked up, but a little space can be enough for them.

Cardboard or Plastic?

When you go out to purchase packaging for your business, plastic, and cardboard are the two most popular options for you. Both of them have different properties and benefits. It depends on each business which type of packaging they would like to associate with their brand. Cardboard tube packaging is more environmentally friendly, while plastic packaging is stronger. It is not a difficult choice to make if you have your vision sorted. You can also discuss this with the vendor to identify which type of packaging is the right fit for you. Each option has both advantages and disadvantages that depend on various factors, and the only right answer is to identify which packaging type is the best according to your products and needs.

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