Bajaj Avenger Street 160 Vs Pulsar NS 160 – Which One to Choose

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Summary – Between the Avenger Street 160 and the Pulsar NS 160, which one should a rider choose? Read on to know the answer!

Bajaj Auto is one of the leading motorcycle brands in India. The indigenous motorcycle manufacturer has an extensive motorcycle line-up and a huge market share. The bike brand offers commuter bikes, compact sport bikes, street bikes and cruiser bikes.

This post, however, will shine a light on the Pulsar NS 160 street bike and the Avenger Street 160 cruise bike. 

This post aims to offer the reader all pertinent details of both motorcycles. So that, by the end of this post, the reader can make up their mind.

The details about the abovementioned motorcycles are mentioned in the sections below.

Avenger Street 160

The Bajaj Avenger Street 160 is a street cruiser bike. The Bajaj Avenger price for 2023 now is Rs. 1, 14,385 (average ex-showroom price). The on-road price for this motorcycle however would differ across all Indian cities. The 160 CC street cruiser bike has a dry weight of 156 KGs. The fuel tank on the bike is designed to hold 13 litres of petrol.

In terms of design, the latest iteration of the Avenger 160 looks the same as that of the Avenger Cruise 220. The differences are that the 160 variant does not have chrome garnishing. The windshield is also missing and the rear swept handlebar is also missing. However, the Avenger Street 160 does retain the low saddle height and forward-swept footrests. The long wheelbase of the Cruise 220 and wide rear tyre is also available in the Street 160. 

The Street 160 comes with a blacked-out colour theme. The colour theme can be found on the –

  • Handlebar
  • Exhaust
  • Grab-rail
  • Indicators and
  • Alloy wheels.

Powering this amazing-looking street cruise bike is a BS6-compliant 160.4 cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine. The engine entails two spark plugs for efficient combustion cycles. The peak power and torque outputs of the engine are set at 14.8 bhp and 13.4 Nm. The engine is mated to a five-speed gearbox and a wet multiplate clutch.

The front wheel of the bike is paired with a traditional telescopic fork suspension. The rear wheel is paired with two traditional spring + damper shock absorbers. The front wheel of the bike is paired with a 230mm single disc brake. The rear wheel is paired with a 130 mm drum brake. The bike also comes with single-channel ABS.

Pulsar NS 160

The Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 is the 160 CC version of the NS 200. The current iteration of the bike is offered in two trims. The base trim comes with single-channel ABS. The top trim, on the other hand, comes with dual-channel ABS.

The base version Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 price is Rs. 1, 24,609 (ex-showroom). The top version of the NS 160 Pulsar entails an ex-showroom price of Rs. 1, 37,561. The dry weight of the Pulsar NS 160 bike is 152 KGs. The fuel tank on the Pulsar NS 160 is designed to hold 12 litres of petrol.

The 2023 version of the NS 160 Pulsar has been equipped with an inverted fork suspension at the front. The rear wheel continues to come paired with a preload-adjustable monoshock. The bike continues to come with a 300 mm single disc brake for the front wheel. The rear wheel also continues to come with a 230 mm single disc brake. 

The 2023 iteration of the NS 160 Pulsar is now equipped with an updated instrument cluster. The updates are limited to the programming of the instrument cluster. The updated programming allows the instrument cluster of the bike to show additional ride-related information. For instance, the instrument cluster can now show the position of the gear. Additional information like distance-to-empty, real-time fuel consumption and average fuel consumption are also available.

The rest of the bike remains the same as its 2022 iteration. It means that the bike continues to flaunt its halogen headlight and conventional turn indicators. The backlit switchgear and LED taillight are also kept unchanged. 

The overall muscular design of the bike’s fuel tank remains intact. The bike also continues to come with an engine cowl, split seats and split pillion grab handles. The underbelly exhaust – the signature functional + styling element of the NS series is also kept unchanged.

The engine also remains the same on the 2023 iteration of the NS 160 Pulsar. It means that the bike continues to be powered by the 160.3 cc, single-cylinder, oil-cooled engine. The engine comes with dual overhead camshafts that control 4 valves. The peak power produced by the engine is the same 17bhp and unlocks at 9,000 rpm. The peak torque output of the engine, on the other hand, continues to be 14.6 Nm which unlocks at 7,250 rpm. The engine continues to be paired with the same five-speed gearbox and wet multiplate clutch. The motorcycle is also made in a manner that it can be compatible with OBD2 diagnostic devices.

So, which motorcycle should one choose?

Well, the Avenger Street 160 is meant for those riders who prefer a relaxing ride through the streets. It is also a very comfortable highway cruiser. The engine, transmission and suspension of the Avenger are meant for relaxed rides.

The NS 160 on the other hand is meant for riders who are thrill seekers. It is a street fighter bike. It has an aggressive riding triangle. Hence, short commutes to the workplace and back is where this bike shines. On long bike trips, this bike is pretty uncomfortable, to be honest. The engine, transmission and suspension of the NS 160 support an enthusiastic riding style.

Both motorcycles entail low ownership costs. On top of this, these are Bajaj bikes. Hence periodic preventative maintenance is all one would need to keep these motorcycles in their prime condition.

Both the Avenger 160 and the Pulsar NS 160 are fuel-efficient bikes as well. Furthermore, both motorcycles are reasonably priced.

It boils down to the preference of the buyer. Both motorcycles are amazing. For more details, one can visit a Bajaj dealership and test-ride the bikes. That would help one to make an informed purchase decision.


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