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Breast Augmentation Revision: What You Need to Know?

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A breast implant is a cosmetic surgery that uses implants and fat-grafting techniques to increase or decrease the size of breasts. Surgeons perform this procedure by placing implants beneath breast tissues.

These implants need replacement after 10-20 years of surgery. One may avoid a replacement if they are in good shape or health. One might need a breast augmentation revision right after surgery for various reasons.

This blog highlights the issues that would call for breast augmentation revision in Adelaide.

Reasons for Getting Breast Augmentation Revisions

Here are the common reasons for a breast augmentation revision in Adelaide:

1. Change in Shape of Previous Breast Implant

There can be cases when a person’s breast implant shifts, ruptures, rotates or gets displaced from its original position, making a person’s breast look asymmetrical and can happen in both breasts together or just one. Changes in the shape or position of implants might not be medically risky but are emotionally distressing. It will also be tough for them to fit into bras with displaced implants.

2. Correct Visible Skin Rippling

When people opt for saline implants, their breast surface tends to develop ripples. If a person gets these, it is better to go for a revision to switch from saline implants to silicone. Silicone implants reduce the changes of visible skin ripples on the breast surface.

3. If Implants Are Broken or Leaking

Breast implants can rupture due to ageing, weakening implant cells, or heavy physical pressure like accidents. When a saline implant ruptures, it instantly deflates and is easy to detect. Silicone implants require an ultrasound or MRI examination to detect rupture as the silicone gel oozes slowly. Although not life-threatening, removing ruptured implants is important to avoid infection.

4. Implants Resulting in Capsular Contracture

After placing an implant, the formation of scar tissues around it is a normal observation and part of the healing process. Such scar tissues are beneficial as their capsule supports the implant to prevent it from moving.

Sometimes, the body misunderstands the implant as a harmful foreign body, creating excessive amounts of scar tissue around it to isolate it. Excessive and hard scar tissue formation around breast implants can hamper augmentation.

5. To Adjust the Position of Breast Implants

Women with breast implants positioned very high or low stand to benefit from breast augmentation revision. A plastic surgeon will reposition the implants restoring breasts to their natural shape. In certain cases, plastic surgeons might need to change the size or type of breast implants.

Fortunately, residents can find specialists, from plastic surgeons to gynaecologists and ophthalmologists in Adelaide.

6. If Breast Implants Are Causing Pain or Discomfort

Sometimes, patients feel pain or discomfort after a breast implant surgery due to poor implant placements, pinched nerves, or damaged lymph nodes. If someone feels pain after augmentation with a silicone implant, it might be a sign that their implant is leaking.

Wrongly placed implants or implants that are too large might cause discomfort. Any such sign necessitates breast augmentation revision to correct the errors in the first surgery.

7. When One Is Unhappy with Their Breast Size

If one is dissatisfied with their natural breast size or post-implant size, they can opt for a breast augmentation revision. This surgery will help them enlarge or reduce their size to match their physique and aesthetics.

8. When Breast Implants Have “Bottomed Out”

Sometimes a person’s skin or tissues does not support an implant leading it to fall gradually below the breast crease, causing one’s breasts to look saggy even after an implant. Such “bottomed out” breast implants are a sign of worry.

Bottoming out of implant mostly happens in case of post-surgery pregnancy or large or heavy implants. Bottoming out is different from natural sagging; unlike the latter, one’s implant droop low while the nipples move up.The above instances are signs for a person to get a breast augmentation revision to restore its aesthetics. Plastic surgeons suggest that one must wait a year after their first breast augmentation in Adelaide, helping their body completely heal before a new surgery.


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