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Different Types of Vinyl Click Flooring

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Vinyl click flooring, recognized for its resilience, cost-effectiveness, and straightforward installation, has become a favourite among homeowners and interior designers. This ingenious flooring solution embraces the practicality of easy care and durability while offering a spectrum of style options to suit every aesthetic preference. In this guide, we’ll explore the different types of vinyl click flooring, aiding you in selecting a variant that flawlessly aligns with your living space’s functionality and design.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT):

Definition: LVT mimics the appearance of natural materials, such as stone or ceramic tile, providing a luxurious feel without the hefty price tag.

Design Flexibility: With many design choices, LVT can seamlessly blend into any interior decor, from traditional to contemporary.

Durability: Recognized for its sturdiness, LVT withstands daily wear and tear, maintaining its lustre even in high-traffic areas.

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Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP):

Definition: LVP offers a realistic hardwood look, enhancing spaces with the classic elegance of wood without demanding extensive maintenance.

Application: Ideal for areas susceptible to moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens, LVP provides a water-resistant surface, ensuring longevity.

Installation: The click-lock design ensures a glueless, mess-free, and swift installation, making it a DIY-friendly option.

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring:

Definition: Specially designed to repel water, waterproof vinyl flooring is optimal for areas prone to spills and humidity.

Material Composition: It often features a WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) or SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) core and promises stellar stability and water resistance.

Versatility: The ability to withstand water without sacrificing aesthetic appeal makes it suitable for various environments, from commercial spaces to domestic settings.

Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring:

Definition: Combining robustness with comfort, rigid core vinyl flooring is acclaimed for its stability and sound absorption.

Application: Its resilient nature is apt for high-traffic and commercial areas, guaranteeing a sustained appearance and functionality over time.

Acoustic Properties: The rigid core minimizes sound transmission, providing a quieter and more serene living space.

Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring:

Definition: Loose lay vinyl, with its unique backing, is designed for stability without adhesive or click-lock systems.

Installation Ease: Renowned for its uncomplicated and speedy installation, loose-lay vinyl is optimal for swift makeover projects.

Repair Simplicity: Individual planks or tiles can be easily replaced if damaged, ensuring the floor’s longevity without comprehensive refurbishments.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring:

Definition: Available in rolls, sheet vinyl provides a continuous flooring surface, minimizing seams and offering a uniform appearance.

Moisture Resistance: The fewer seams translate to fewer pathways for moisture ingress, making it a suitable choice for damp-prone areas.

Variety: Sheet vinyl has various designs, offering a cost-effective solution to mimic higher-end flooring materials.

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT):

Definition: VCT is primarily utilized in commercial settings due to its durability and ease of maintenance.

Customization: In various colours and patterns, VCT allows for creating custom designs and patterns.

Maintenance: Designed for hassle-free upkeep, VCT is optimal for spaces that demand cleanliness and visual appeal without intensive care.

Magnetic Vinyl Flooring:

Definition: Magnetic vinyl flooring integrates magnetic technology with the durability of vinyl, providing a stable and easily alterable flooring solution.

Modularity: Its magnetized nature allows for effortless swapping of tiles, facilitating design alterations with minimal disruption.

Maintenance: A dream for dynamic spaces, magnetic vinyl can be rearranged or replaced quickly, providing design and functionality adaptability.

Interlocking Vinyl Planks:

Definition: Interlocking vinyl planks boast a connection system that securely links each piece, eliminating the need for adhesive application.

Installation: Simplified installation processes make it an accessible option for DIY enthusiasts and professional installers.

Mobility: Should relocation be required, the dismantling and reinstalling of interlocking planks are hassle-free.

Printed Vinyl Layers:

Definition: Printed vinyl employs advanced technology to impress detailed and diverse designs onto the vinyl surface.

Design Scope: Offering an array of patterns and imitations of natural materials, it satisfies eclectic tastes and specific design aspirations.

Cost-Effective Aesthetics: Ideal for budget-conscious endeavours where aesthetics cannot be compromised.

Fiberglass-Reinforced Vinyl:

Definition: Infused with fibreglass, this vinyl variant assures additional strength and stability.

Durability: The reinforcement ensures enhanced resistance to damage and wear, even in challenging environments.

Comfort: Despite its reinforced nature, this flooring offers a comfortable underfoot feel, combining sturdiness with ease.

Peel and Stick Vinyl Planks:

Definition: These planks come with a pre-applied adhesive, enabling a peel-and-stick installation method.

DIY-Friendly: Particularly popular among DIYers, its application is straightforward and demands minimal tools.

Versatility: Ideal for temporary solutions or rental properties, providing an aesthetic upgrade without structural commitments.

Antistatic Vinyl Flooring:

Definition: Antistatic vinyl reduces static electricity, providing a safer environment for electronic devices and reducing dust accumulation.

Specialized Environments: Often utilized in data centres, laboratories, and other tech-heavy spaces where static could be detrimental.

Maintenance: Antistatic properties ensure reduced dust adherence, facilitating easier cleaning and upkeep.

Engineered Vinyl Plank (EVP):

Definition: EVP encompasses a composite core, usually featuring PVC, for enhanced stability and water resistance.

Performance: Known for its superior performance metrics in durability and comfort, it’s a contender for varied applications.

Aesthetic and Function: A harmonious blend of visual appeal and robust performance ensures EVP is a well-rounded option for discerning homeowners.

Integrated Interlayer Vinyl:

Definition: This variant features an integrated interlayer, providing additional cushioning and sound absorption.

Acoustic Management: It adeptly manages sound, providing a quieter environment, which is particularly beneficial in multi-level structures.

Underfoot Comfort: The additional layer affords a softer underfoot experience, prioritizing comfort without forfeiting durability.


Vinyl click flooring offers a symphony of choices to cater to diverse aesthetic and functional needs, marking itself as a versatile and pragmatic choice in flooring solutions. Whether it’s the luxurious appeal of LVT, the moisture-resistant prowess of waterproof variants, or the commercial-grade durability of VCT, there is a vinyl flooring type curated for every requirement and design dream. Make your selection by juxtaposing your space’s demands with available options, ensuring a blend of style and practicality underfoot.


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