Display Gift Boxes
Display Gift Boxes

Display Gift Boxes: A Versatile Gift Display Packaging Choice

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Do you want to add value to your gift for any ceremony or occasion? Wrap them nicely in decent packaging. Gifts have their importance in our lives. And special gifts leave a great impression on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Everyone has a different choice of giving gifts on any occasion. Clothing, jewelry, art pictures, and books are the most common gift types. Whether it is a birthday party or any celebration event, gift-giving makes them remarkable. Every gift is special and they need special packaging. Moreover, everybody wants his gift to be highly appreciable. The Display Gift Boxes can make your gift special. The way you exhibit your gift in a display box makes your gift beautiful.

Display Gift Box Dimensions and Materials

Usually, the measurement of a display gift box is approximately 100mm x 130mm x 25mm deep. Besides this, it has an angle from the front. You also have an option to create a window for a clear view of the gift. They are made of high-quality, shiny, corrugated, and laminated art paper. Adding stickers to a display gift box can also create a great impression. The best quality printing material is essential so the gifts remain safe. If you are shipping a gift to your loved ones, your gift remains secure during transit.

Display Gift Boxes With Window

Using display gift boxes with window is the best option. It has a short, tall, and wide window in the middle of a display box. It is useful for special occasions like Christmas. If you want to present any type of ornament then this type of display box is ideal. Apart from this, applying a texture to the background is also an option. It will give a special effect to the box.


Paper Bottle Bags

Paper bottle bags are lightweight and made of kraft paper. They are especially useful to display bottles inside as a gift on an occasion. It has kraft handles to carry kraft paper bottle bags anywhere. There is a clear window in the middle to show off the gifted bottles in the bag. It is recyclable and eco-friendly. This gift presentation is also a decent option for special party events or occasions.

Jars Display Gift Boxes

These types of display gift boxes are not only stylish but also eco-friendly. They are made from kraft cardboard material. It has strong handles at the top and they can easily assembled. They can be manufactured in different sizes and shapes. They are an excellent choice to display jars as a gift. Plus it is 100% recyclable.

Gray Paper Gift Display Box

This type of gift gray paper gift display box is specially designed for jewelry items. It is made from the highest quality paper material to keep the gift safe from any damage. However, printing them in different shapes and sizes does depend. There are common sizes of gray paper gift display boxes. But, when it comes to customers’ requirements, it depends. However, it depends on the requirement. If a customer wants to get a gift display box in any other size and shape, it can be printed. So, It gives a luxurious gift presentation look.

Easy To Carry Display Gift Box

Carrying a gift easily to any occasion is important. For this, the need of sturdy packaging is necessary. If you want to carry your gift in a display box, make sure its packaging is great. If a box is beautifully Manufactured with the best-quality material then it will keep your gift safe.


Using display gift boxes to present your gift is nice. People love to present their beautiful gifts in decent display packaging. Custom Designs Boxes manufactures gift display packaging boxes according to the required specifications. Make your gift presentation lovely with a striking look. Leave a wonderful gift presentation impression on an occasion with a stylish gift display box.


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