How Can I Choose the Right Surgical Technique for Hair Transplant Procedure?

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Recent developments in hair transplant surgery have yielded amazing, natural-looking outcomes that last for a long time. now the question is, how many types of hair transplants are there?
Depending on their condition, diagnosis, and suitability, a person may have any of the following hair transplant procedures. Like other cosmetic procedures, a hair transplant can boost your self-esteem by returning your confidence and natural appearance.
But like with any surgery, it’s imperative that you understand the ins and outs of hair transplants. In this blog post, I have compared and contrasted discussions of several hair transplant treatments.

Types of Hair Transplant Procedures

Let’s discuss various hair transplant techniques, their advantages, and the things to think about when choosing.

 Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Using this technique, a long, thin strip of tissue with one to four hairs per strip is removed from the back of the scalp.
Following minor incisions made in the recipient location, these grafts are inserted and stitched up. Although FUT leaves a scar on the back of the head, shaving the entire head is not necessary because the skin removed is clipped there.

 Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE involves shaving the back of the head and extracting each hair individually using specialized instruments. Then, these individual grafts are inserted into tiny scalp incisions.
Even though FUE creates a number of microscopic scars, they are not readily apparent, especially when hair growth is normal. These days, four distinct FUE techniques are widely used and equally successful.

 Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

The more advanced form of FUE is called Direct Hair Implantation (DHI). Hair follicles are removed and directly placed on the area that is balding in the DHI hair transplant technique.
In this process, instruments called “DHI pens” are employed. This process is less intrusive and remarkably safe. Using a micropunch tool, hair follicles are removed from the patient’s scalp as part of this stage of the DHI hair transplant procedure. Since these regions are genetically resistant to hair loss, they are referred to as donor areas, and they are typically found on the back side of the head.
Next, the grafts or removed follicles are placed in a tray and divided into groups of one, two, three, four, and so forth.

Therefore, surgeons will design the hair implantation procedure to provide the patient with the highest density and outcomes that look real. Patients can also see in clear view how many grafts or hairs have been placed in their scalp.

 Synthetic Hair Implant

Physicians with training and experience do this kind of hair transplant. Synthetic fibers are surgically implanted into previously bald parts of the scalp during this treatment.
Before the surgery, a fiber compatibility test is carried out to ensure that synthetic hair implants are biocompatible. This method's artificial hair features a knot at the end.
During the relatively minimally invasive outpatient surgery, the surgeon uses specialized implanters. Implant-compatible artificial hair comes in a range of hues, forms, and lengths to accommodate patient preferences.

Hair Transplant in UAE Cost

When considering a hair restoration operation, a common first issue that arises is the cost of hair transplant surgery. It’s crucial to remember that the average cost of hair transplants might vary greatly; there is no set fee.
The majority of hair transplant procedures are priced based on the number of grafts required to cover the thinning hair area.
The course of your hair loss and the kind of treatment you have will be among the many variables affecting the total cost of your hair transplant.

 Average FUE transplant procedure cost

FUE transplants often cost $9,000 on average. The range of grafts extracted and the size of each excised band determine the overall cost of a FUE hair transplant.

 What the FUT transplant cost on average

The magnitude of the case affects how much a FUT process costs. The majority of operations normally begin at $7000. FUT procedures are typically less expensive than FUE robotic procedures.

What is the best hair transplant option for me?

Selecting the most appropriate approach might be challenging because every patient is unique. The staff ILHT Dubai is available to assist because of this. Their surgeons have extensive training in both FUE hair transplant surgery and FUT technique consultation.
For you to meet with them in person and ask any questions you may have, they provide a free consultation. They will assess your hair follicles to ascertain the optimal strategy for you and the number of grafts required for the treatment.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are receiving expert care from the skilled hair transplant doctors at the clinic. You will benefit from the most cutting-edge treatments available at their hair transplant facility, which is located in the center of Dubai and is carried out utilizing cutting-edge equipment.
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