How do I check if a SW Flight is on time

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Southwest flight status is available for real-time tracking. You may check the status of any Southwest aircraft using the extensive flight status feature offered by Southwest Airlines. SW Flight tracking tools are also helpful in providing you the highlight of SW flight timings. Here we will let you know about the process of getting details if your SW flight is on-time or not. So, keep reading to know methods of checking this information and process.

How to know if Southwest Flight is on-time

Southwest Airlines has an automated process and passengers can subscribe to the alerts for getting auto updates. Moreover, you can also check it online from the website portal. You will get the most recent information on the flight’s status. Including departure and arrival timings, gate details, and any delays or cancellations. You need to fill the SW flight number, departure and arrival cities into the flight status tool to follow a Southwest aircraft in real time. Southwest Airlines provides email and SMS alerts for flight status in addition to the flight status tool.

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How to check if Southwest flight is on time

You can easily check the status of your flight online if you are flying with Southwest Airlines and are worried. You may get current information on Southwest Airlines’ website using a computer or a mobile device. To find out the status of your flight, follow these steps:

Go to to access the Southwest Airlines website.
Tap the “Flight Status” link on the home screen.
Enter the details of your flight, such as the flight number or date, the cities of departure and arrival.
To get the most recent status of your flight, click “Search.”
If your flight is on-time, Southwest Airlines will send you an email or text message. You may also see how your flight is doing.

Stay updates with Flight Status

Stay up to speed on any changes or updates from Southwest and the most recent details on your travel. Keep an eye out for updates via text, phone, or email, and be ready to modify your trip schedule as needed. Recall that although airline cancellations and delays might be annoying, there are things you can do to cope with the circumstance. Any interruptions to your travel arrangements can be minimized by being proactive and keeping yourself informed.


You may use the Southwest website’s flight availability search to find out how full your flight is. The availability you saw, however, could not fully reflect the number of seats available on the trip since Southwest Airlines does not release flight loads. Using the Southwest website, you may look for eight or more seats to get a sense of how packed your trip might be. The flight is probably not complete if there are eight or more seats available. This is not a guarantee, though, as travellers are permitted to modify or cancel their tickets up to ten minutes prior to departure, which can affect the availability of seats. Another method to determine how crowded your flight is is to arrive as early as possible.

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