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How to Safely Clean and Sterilise a Dummy for Your Newborn

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As a parent, your top priority will always be to keep your newborn safe and healthy. Dummies (A pacifier is a rubber, plastic, or silicone nipple substitute given to an infant or toddler) keep babies calm and help them fall asleep. Many stores in Australia sell good quality dummies. Be sure to purchase the best dummy for newborns in Australia.  

Parents should clean and sterilise a newborn baby’s daily items, such as bottles, dummies, toys, toothbrushes and more. Go through the below points for cleaning and sterilising a newborn’s dummy.

Ways to Clean and Sterilise a Newborn’s Dummy

Cleaning and sterilising your newborn’s dummies doesn’t need much time or concentration. You just need to follow the points mentioned below.

1. Wash Dummies First

Before putting the dummies in a steriliser, wash them in hot and soapy water. Do not use kitchen clothes to clean it. Instead, use any freshly cleaned cloth to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs.

2. Inspect Well

Once you have finished washing and cleaning the dummies, ensure they are in good condition. If you notice any cracks or tears in your dummy, throw them straight away. Specifically, if the nipple of dummies appears sticky, discard them and give your newborn a new dummy.

3. Sterilise

Before you sterilise the dummies, heat the water well. Add the dummies to boiling water and let it boil for about five minutes. While using the steriliser, follow the manufacturer’s instructions before you start using it for your newborn baby.

4. Let them Dry

If your steriliser has a drying option, you can use this feature at any time. Or else, take a clean dish towel and dry the pacifier. This will help prevent contamination with germs on the kitchen corner. If there is water left in the nipple, let the pacifier air-dry.

5. Put them Away

Do not give your babies any dummies unless and until needed. The best way of storing dummies is to keep them in a plastic Ziploc bag. This makes it easier for mothers to carry multiple dummies.

Along with dummies, it’s important to sterilise other baby products like toothbrushes. Babies require brushes with super soft bristles made of polished materials. At Curaprox, you can buy electric toothbrushes online in Australia for babies and toddlers.

How Often Should You Clean the Dummies?

To maintain good hygiene for your newborn, you should regularly clean their dummies. The younger your child, the more important it is to look after their hygiene. This is because a newborn’s immune system takes time to be capable. Make sure to clean dummies regularly. Once your baby reaches six months, you can sterilise dummies twice a week.

Nowadays, the majority of baby products remain BPA-free. Still, these dummies may contain other substances which will be washed away through sterilisation. Therefore, it is always an ideal option to replace any of your baby’s products once they are worn or broken down.


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