Important Questions to Ask from Your Packers and Movers in Kanpur

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Moving to a new location fills you with excitement. However, you are surrounded by many challenges and fears if you are a first-time mover or have less experience in dealing with a moving company. So, what should you do to identify the packers and movers in Kanpur you are looking for? Well, you just have to ask a few questions from your movers to find the right mover for your move.

Here is a set of questions that you should ask your movers to pick the right moving company for you:-

Are you a registered company?

This is one of the first questions you should ask from your moving company. Nowadays, the market is flooded with rogue movers and packers who don’t even possess the right license with them. These companies claim to be registered companies. However, the reality is that they are functioning illegally in the market. While asking this question, you can ask for the registration documents of your moving company. A reliable company won’t have any problem showing you their documents. On the other hand, a fraud company will always shirk away from showing these documents to you.

How much experience do you have in this field?

Make sure to ask your company about the experience it is holding in the logistics field. The best would be to ask for their portfolio which will let you know how skilled their moving officials are. If they have offered their moving services to a diverse range of clients successfully in the past, they possess enough experience in transporting your goods safely to your desired destination.

Are you providing moving insurance?

Most people forget to ask this question from their movers. However, this is one of the first questions you should ask them. After all, it is related to the safety of your household articles. If they are not providing any insurance to you, then you won’t get compensation if your goods get damaged during the move.

Will you provide a contract?

The fraud moving companies do not provide a contract to you. So, each commitment they make to a customer falls flat at the time of the move. They shirk away from their responsibilities and show their true colors. These people just keep on demanding more and more money from you. So, make sure to get each commitment they make to you in writing as only then you will expect them to serve you professionally.

Can you give me the breakdown of the quote?

Sometimes, moving your goods can become an expensive affair as the fraud movers add a number of charges to your final bill. So, to save yourself from this trap, you should ask your packers and movers in Kanpur about the breakdown of the quote they are providing to you.

What is the permanent address of your company?

Some companies do not have a permanent address. They even have incomplete addresses on their website. There are many incidents where people go to the physical address of the company mentioned on the website and find no company there. So, most of them just put an incomplete address on their website and start offering their services in the market. Hence, you must be smart enough to ask about the permanent address of the company. If you don’t find a sufficient answer to your question, you should stay away from these movers.

Do you have a team of employees or do you hire the contractors?

This question will let you know about the experience of their employees. If they have their own team of employees, just enquire how skilled they are in accomplishing the moving task. Also, how secure your items are when they move them to your destination.

Do you provide all kinds of moving services?

Some packers and movers in Kanpur offer all types of moving services to their clients. So, you should enquire your movers about the services they are proffering to you from their end. Apart from other services, they may offer additional services to you. So, it is better to check with them about these services so that you can get two types of moving services from them at the same time.

Do I need to deposit some amount?

Most movers demand a deposit to secure the booking. So, you must enquire about it from your movers. If a deposit is necessary, then don’t be late and deposit the amount straightaway. If you fail in doing this, your movers might not turn up on the moving day. So, it is important to ask about it beforehand.

Do you provide any addresses of your past customers?

This question makes a lot of sense as it is directly related to the level of moving service you are about to get from your chosen movers. If they are happy to share their name and addresses it will be easy for you to know about them in a better way. A few fraud movers put the logos of big brands on their websites just to lure customers. However, the reality is that they have never worked with these companies. So, it is better to ask this question to identify the fraud movers. Once you have the addresses of their past customers, you can contact them and ask them about the company you are going to choose for your upcoming move.

How can I contact you?

You can contact your mover by phone. But, what if they don’t pick up your call after striking a deal with you? Well, most movers do these kinds of activities. Once they get the money, they start avoiding the calls of the customers. So, you must enquire about the channels through which you can reach them. You can get the mobile number which they use on their WhatsApp or you can get their email. This will let you contact them whenever you face any trouble during the move. So, you must ask them all the ways through which you can connect with them. This will be immensely helpful for you during your move. The moment you face any problem during the move, you can contact them and get the resolution for it.


The abovementioned questions are immensely useful for you to ask your packers and movers in Kanpur. Apart from these questions, you can also ask any question you want to ask them.

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