Is Your Labor Slacking at the Workplace? Find out with Employee monitoring

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There was seen a deadtime effect in the efficiency of employees in covid times according to the US Bureau of Labor. The reason was simple. Workers used to sleep at their workplace and were often found to be indulged in extra activities rather than fulfilling their responsibilities. Eventually, these factors lead to lower work productivity is not good for the reputation of the business, and can cause a decline in the overall number of clients. Some of the employees spent their time in clubs and nearby restaurants when they are not under supervision in the USA. This resulted in the decline of work productivity to approximately 40 percent. Therefore, their monitoring is necessary for this era where remote working is in so much trend.

To get the true picture of the exact working schedule and work productivity of employees, employers need a proper spy app or system through which they can observe them even when physically not present. OgyMogy brings the Employee monitoringto determine the amount of work the labour force is doing and who is not taking work matters seriously. Let’s jump straight into the super satisfying features of this app and see how an employer can be benefited from it.

Screen Monitoring:

OgyMogy spy app provides you with the screen monitoring of the employee’s office-owned device. It means whatever is happening on their screes you can see it and can save it as well. You can observe them throughout the working day and estimate their work efficiency.

Listen them Live:

Whatever they are talking about in the work environment you can monitor them live. Even when you are not with them in the office you can clearly listen to what they are talking about. Are they backbiting about you thinking that no one is supervising them? Or are they talking to your enemies that can harm your business n the office-owned device? You can see and listen all by just installing this simple app.


Through this versatile feature, you can count the exact numbers of characters and words types by your employee and see if they are professionally doing their work or just slacking and doing work theft? If this is so then you can call them and issue a warning letter against them.

Tracking Browsed Websites:

Some people have this habit of not doing their work sincerely and just spending time playing games and searching for useless websites on office-owned devices. and this thing is not tolerable by any organization. Because honestly and dedication is the first priority of any working organization. This mobile tracker app allows you to track all the websites that your employee has searched for in real-time.

Keeping Eye on Social Media:

Are your employees working efficiently or spending time in doing chatting with their friends on different social platforms? Now know this very easily by just having this outclass app. See their message conversations, group talk calls either audio or video, and shared media. See their status updates and friend lists if they are in contact with your enemies in business. Check their inbox if they are texting someone during working hours to see if they are talking about the company’s confidential things.

Checking their Emails:

Through this wonderful software check the emails of your employee. Monitor all the composed and sent messages during work hours and see if they are doing their work honestly or harassing someone at the workplace? A healthy work environment is an important ailment at a workplace and being an employer, you cannot just ignore it. So, have this great app and forget all the tensions related to the workplace.

Taking Screenshots:

Take screenshots of your employee’s work if you think they are working with dishonesty. Keep them as proof and decide later whether you should keep them or fire them. Because for an employer, the most important thing to be considered is how dedicated and honest an employee is towards his work. this app works wonders because now no employee will even dare to take advantage of your physical absence.

OgyMogy is the best Employee monitoringapp if your labor is slacking at a workplace.

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