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The Ultimate Guide to Online Embroidery Digitizing Services: Everything You Need to Know

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Embroidery digitizing is a popular trend nowadays, and it is a process of converting a design or image file format into an embroidery file that can be easily read or used by an embroidery machine. It can also be done manually but is time-consuming and requires perfect expertise. Many online embroidery digitizing services are available, and they do their job perfectly quickly.

But you must find the one with experienced and good customer this ultimate guide, I will explain the benefits, why, and how to choose the online embroidery digitizing service. Let us start!

The Benefits Of Using Online Embroidery Digitizing Service

There are many benefits to getting your work done by online embroidery digitizing service, but some of them I discuss below.


From anywhere, you can hire and order your image or artwork for digiting and get your work done by the best online digitizing service at any time.


The online digitizer service is more cost-effective than hiring a professional digitizer. They can offer the best affordable price because of their quick work process, bulk, and efficiency,

Expertise and High-Quality

These services used the best art software and equipment. Their digitizer works professionally. And always provides you with high-quality digitized embroidery designs.

Steps Of The Digitizing Process

When you order your image or design for embroidery digitizing than the service provider process the following steps including:

Image Analysis

In the first step of digitizing, they analyze your image or design to determine the image’s complex color scheme and size.

Design Creation

After analyzing the digitizer, converting your image design format to the embroidery file format means JPG to PES. This design specifically meets your needs or requirements and includes all the original image elements. Now this file format is easily read by an embroidery machine.

Stitch Programming

It is the last step in the embroidery digitizing process. In stitch programming, the digitizer determines the stitch type, length, and spacing to get the desired and attractive outcome.

Converting JPG To PES File Format

Converting JPG to pes is the most crucial step in embroidery digitizing because the image or design is normally present in the JPG or PNG file format that the embroidery machine can not read.

The embroidery machine has its specific file format. And this format is specifically different with different embroidery machines. So to do digitizing on your embroidery machine, you first need to convert your image file format JPG into an embroidery file format like PES.

You can do this by hiring an online digitizing service. They convert your image file into an embroidery file format; you can then use this embroidery file to digitize your embroidery machine. PS is the most common format of embroidery machine.

How To Choose the Right Service Provider

Choosing the right service will always make way to the success level of your brand and business. So when choosing an online embroidery digitizer service, consider your demand and desire and then look at who is fulfilling your requirements.


Price is the thing that you always want to pay according to your budget. So when choosing the online embroidery digitizing service, compare the prices before selecting the one.

Turn Around Time

Many digitizing services are available online, and everyone has different terms and offers. Some offer quick turnaround time as compared to others. So if you are urgent and want to get your work done quickly, choose the service with a faster turnaround time.


Quality is the thing where no one wants to compromise, especially if you pay a good amount. So before hiring, read the customer reviews and check the service provider’s rating.

Once you check all the above factors of any online embroidery digitizing service, you select it and then upload your design image and ask them to digitize it quickly or easily. It will give you the satisfaction of 100% quality and professional work.


An online digitizing service is a great option if you want a professional, fast, affordable, and easy way to digitize your image or artwork. But always consider the above-mentioned key factor to choose the right one. And if you like to do it independently, remember to convert the image file from JPG to PES. Always use high-quality images to get quality embroidery. With a little planning and tolerance, you can digitize your design through an online digitizing service into a beautiful and eye-catching piece of art.


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