Biology Lab Manual Class 12

The Complete Guide to Biology Lab Manual Class 12

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Biology is a guide to the living world, explaining how numerous species exist, evolve, and communicate with each other in this world. It elaborates on different living organisms, divided into many fields, covering origin, behaviour, distribution, anatomy, morphology, and physiology. You also learn about different categories, such as genetics, ecology, etc. 

The Biology Lab Manual Class 12 is a precise guide explaining different experiments. It provides a comprehensive explanation per the latest ISC syllabus. You can find detailed information on core experiments and projects in this manual.

ISC Biology Lab Manual for Class 12 

V. Singh and D.K. Jain are the Biology Mab manual Class 12 authors. It is a helpful guide for class 12 students to perform laboratory experiments. Nageen Prakashan Private Limited published the Biology Lab Manual for Class 12, a paperback in English. The authors used simple language, enabling an easy understanding of the vital concepts covered in projects and experiments. 

So, if you still think that Biology is challenging, worry not. With Biology Lab Manual for Class 12, you will slowly enjoy doing the laboratory’s projects and other practical work.

Why Should You Purchase ISC Biology Lab Manual for Class 12?

Practicals are an integral part of today’s education. It gives students a solid command of the subject matter, ensuring practical usage of the concepts in everyday life. For students like you, having a lab manual will help you in many ways. Some of its benefits are as follows:

Plethora of Activities, Projects and Experiments

The book comprises various projects, experiments, and activities that make Biology fun. The fun practicals in the laboratory aid you in identifying new things that make you think about how biological concepts work. 

Covers the Latest Curriculum

According to the latest guidelines, the Biology Lab Manual Class 12 covers the updated ISC Biology Syllabus. It covers the core experiments on pollination, morphological adaptations of plant and animal life, floral characteristics, study arrangement/distribution of stomata, study of soils, etc. In addition to core experiments, the lab manual includes project work on mushroom cultivation, IVF, ecosystem, yeast fermentation, acid rain, food adulteration, environmental toxicology, etc. 


The Biology Lab Manual Class 12 comprises easy-to-understand projections to help you understand how to do the projects. You can use the lab manual for practising experiments and projects and score well in your Biology practical examinations.

Understanding the Practical Biological Concepts

Biology is not just a theory subject; it is more than that. You can incorporate these theoretical concepts in practical life. But the question is, how to perform these experiments and projects? How to put the theoretical concepts to use so that you can understand them better? How will you grasp the practical stuff from the theory-based concepts? 

You can use the Biology Lab Manual Class 12 to help you understand the practical stuff step-by-step. With the help of the lab manual, you can understand the subject better, and by actually performing the practicals, you can retain the concepts for a prolonged period. 


The lab manual is precisely planned for Class 12 students of the ISC board, strictly following the ISC syllabus. The book has illustrations and explanations with crisp and simple lucid language, covering every vital concept.

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