The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Vietnam Tourist Visa for Greek Travelers

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Welcome, Greek travelers! Are you dreaming of discovering the hidden gems of Vietnam? From bustling cities to breathtaking landscapes and mouth-watering cuisine, this vibrant Southeast Asian country has something for everyone. But before you pack your bags, there’s one important thing you need: a tourist visa. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to getting your Vietnam tourist visa hassle-free. Whether it’s your first time traveling to Vietnam or you’re a seasoned explorer, read on for all the essential information and tips to make sure that obtaining your visa is a breeze! VIETNAM VISA FOR GREEK CITIZENS

What is a Vietnam Tourist Visa?

If you’re traveling to Vietnam for any length of time, a visa is essential. A tourist visa is valid for three months and costs around $60 (USD). You must apply at the nearest Vietnamese embassy or consulate. There are a few things you’ll need before applying: your passport photo, an application form, and cash in denominations of 100,000 dong (about $3).

Once you have all of the necessary documents, head to the embassy or consulate and fill out the application form. Make sure to bring your passport photo with you; it will be required in order to complete the visa process. You may also be asked to provide proof of your finances – like a bank statement – and a letter from your employer stating that you will not be absent from work during your stay in Vietnam. If everything looks good and there are no issues with your application, the consular staff will stamp your passport with a visa number and issue you a sticker to carry with you at all times while in Vietnam. VIETNAM VISA FOR HUNGARIAN CITIZENS

How to get a Vietnam Tourist Visa for Greek Travelers

If you are a Greek traveler wishing to visit Vietnam, then you will need a tourist visa. There are several ways to get this visa, but the easiest and most common is to apply through your nearest Vietnamese embassy or consulate.

The application process for a Vietnam tourist visa is generally straightforward. You will need to provide your passport details, as well as some identification such as a driver’s license or passport photo. You will also be required to fill out an application form and pay the applicable fees. Once the application has been processed, you will receive a notice in either English or Vietnamese specifying the date of your visa appointment.

Note that if you are traveling with children, you will need to provide proof of their birth dates and vaccinations. Always make sure to bring your passport and any other required documents with you to your visa appointment – you won’t be able to collect them later on!

Requirements for a Vietnam Tourist Visa for Greek Travelers

The requirements for a Vietnam tourist visa vary depending on your nationality and your country of residence. However, all nationals of Greece who are planning to travel to Vietnam must obtain a valid visa from the Vietnamese embassy in Athens.

To be eligible for a Vietnam tourist visa, you must:

-Be a national of Greece

-Have valid travel documents (e.g. passport, air tickets, hotel reservations)

-Not have any pending criminal charges against you (in your home country or in Vietnam)

How to Apply for a Vietnam Tourist Visa for Greek Travelers

If you are a Greek national and planning to travel to Vietnam, then you will need to apply for a tourist visa. However, applying for a tourist visa can be a little tricky, so here we are going to tell you all about it.

The first thing you will need is an application form. You can obtain this from the nearest Vietnamese embassy or consulate in Greece. Once you have obtained the form, all you need to do is fill it out completely and submit it with your passport photo.

Next, you will need to gather your documentation. This includes your passport (with valid visas if applicable), a photocopy of your passport photo, your application form, and any other relevant documents such as letters of invitation from hotels or tour operators in Vietnam.

Make arrangements to meet with the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in Greece. They will review your documentation and may ask for additional information such as hotel reservations or itinerary details. Once they have approved your application, they will give you a visa letter which should be included in your international travel documents.


If you’re planning a trip to Vietnam and Greece, now is the time to start planning your visa! Our guide will teach you everything you need to know about getting a tourist visa for both countries. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, our guide has all the tips and tricks needed to get your visa in record time. So buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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