The Weeknd's Artistic Collaborations Visual Artists and Designers
The Weeknd's Artistic Collaborations Visual Artists and Designers

The Weeknd’s Artistic Collaborations Visual Artists and Designers

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The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, is undoubtedly one of the most influential and innovative artists of time. Known for his distinctive blend of R&B, pop, and electronic music, theweekndofficial has not only captivated the world with his soulful voice but has also made a significant impact through his visually striking music videos, album covers, and live performances. While his musical talent is undeniable, it’s his artistic collaborations with visual artists and designers that have elevated his work to another level. In this article, we’ll explore some of The Weeknd’s most notable artistic collaborations and how they have contributed to his iconic image and success. The Weeknd’s Artistic Collaborations Visual Artists and Designers.

1. The Visionary Behind the Trilogy Era: Lamar C. Taylor

The Weeknd’s career took off with the release of his debut mixtape “House of Balloons” in 2011. This marked the beginning of the Trilogy era, a defining moment in his career. At the helm of his visuals during this era was Lamar C. Taylor, a close friend and collaborator. Taylor’s vision played a pivotal role in crafting The Weeknd’s mysterious and alluring image. The music videos for tracks like “Wicked Games” and “The Knowing” showcased Taylor’s ability to create dark and hypnotic visuals that perfectly complemented The Weeknd’s music.

2. The Iconic “Kiss Land” Cover: DropxLife

In 2013, The Weeknd released his debut studio album, “Kiss Land.” The album’s cover art, a hauntingly beautiful image of a Japanese woman, was designed by DropxLife, a Toronto-based visual artist. The cover perfectly encapsulated the album’s themes of lust, love, and the blurred lines in between. DropxLife’s collaboration with The Weeknd on the “Kiss Land” cover demonstrated the power of visuals in conveying complex emotions and narratives.

3. The Extravagance of “Starboy”: Art Direction by La Mar Taylor

“Starboy,” The Weeknd’s third studio album released in 2016, was a turning point in his career. The album showcased a more mainstream sound and an evolution in his visual aesthetic. La Mar Taylor, a childhood friend of The Weeknd and the co-founder of the XO brand, played a pivotal role in shaping the visuals of the “Starboy” era. The title track’s music video, featuring a neon-lit, futuristic world, was a testament to Taylor’s ability to create visually stunning, larger-than-life experiences.

4. The Collaborations with Contemporary Artists: Daniel Arsham and Es Devlin

As The Weeknd continued to rise to international stardom, he expanded his collaborations to include renowned contemporary artists. Daniel Arsham, known for his distinctive aesthetic that blurs the lines between art, architecture, and design, worked with The Weeknd on the music video for “Save Your Tears.” Arsham’s surreal and dystopian visuals added a unique layer of depth to the song’s narrative.

Es Devlin, a renowned stage designer, collaborated with The Weeknd on his Super Bowl LV halftime show in 2021. Devlin’s expertise in creating immersive and visually stunning stage designs transformed the performance into a mesmerizing journey through The Weeknd’s music and career. The collaboration showcased the power of merging music with cutting-edge design.

5. The Dawn of “Dawn FM” with Beo Ling

In 2022, The Weeknd released “Dawn FM,” an album that brought a new dimension to his artistry. Beo Ling, a visual artist and designer, played a crucial role in shaping the album’s aesthetic. The album cover, featuring a surreal landscape with a radio tower, perfectly captured the essence of “Dawn FM.” Ling’s collaboration with The Weeknd showcased how artists can come together to create a cohesive visual narrative that enhances the music.

6. The Power of Visual Storytelling in Music Videos

Beyond album covers and stage designs, The Weeknd has consistently pushed the boundaries of visual storytelling in his music videos. Collaborating with directors like Grant Singer, he has produced visually striking narratives that enhance the emotional impact of his songs. For example, the music video for “Blinding Lights” takes viewers on a cinematic journey through a neon-lit city, mirroring the song’s themes of yearning and isolation.


The Weeknd’s artistic collaborations with visual artists and designers have played a pivotal role in shaping his career and image. From the dark and mysterious Trilogy era to the extravagant “Starboy” era and the surreal landscapes of “Dawn FM,” these collaborations have elevated his music into a multisensory experience. They showcase the power of blending music with visual artistry, proving that in the digital age, a successful artist is not only defined by their sound but also by their ability to create a complete and immersive world for their audience to explore. The Weeknd’s journey is a testament to the implication of collaboration and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.


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