Top 10 Best Whiteboard Animation Companies For Your Business

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People love searching for innovative ways to communicate their messages, and so do companies. They often opt for videos incorporating narration, music, and hand-drawn illustrations. 

The demand for whiteboard animation videos has been boosted. These videos use a mixture of time-lapse and stop-motion to keep the story interesting. They typically have either a narration or voiceover accompanying the story being shown.

While looking at whiteboard animation seems exciting and fun, creating it can be challenging. So here are the top 10 best whiteboard animations.

Best Whiteboard Animation Companies

Without further ado, here are the best companies to help you create fantastic whiteboard animation.

·        ORBIS Production

ORBIS Production is an international sustainable multi-award-winning full-service creative Film, Photo, and Video Production Company. With over 14 years of experience in high-end video production, they undertake complex projects in the marketing communications field.

·        eLearning Partners

eLearning Partners is a top-rated training video production company based in Denver, Colorado. Creating training, instructional, and microlearning videos 5- 7x faster, with 150-200% higher learner engagement, and cutting client’s time in half.

·        Explain Visually

ExplainVisually has delivered over 480 similar projects in 19 languages. Clients range from startups and SMEs to corporations such as IKEA, Carlsberg, Nestle, Orange, TESCO Santander, Pfizer, Revolut, and ING.

·        Next Day Animation

Next Day Animations has an award-winning animation team of smart, talented, and remarkably nice people. The team consists of expert animators, voiceover actors, and illustrators across the U.S., from Baltimore, MD, to Minneapolis, MN, to San Francisco, CA.

·        Exaltus

Exaltus is an award-winning whiteboard animation studio specializing in turning complex information into a compelling visual story.

·        Max Curious Production

Max Curious Productions is a company that develops, produces, and edits compelling videos for television, businesses, and the web.

·        Switch video

Switch Video has created animated explainer videos for companies like IBM, HP, Bayer, and Abbott. It has made over 1,200 videos for clients in 15 countries and 15 languages.

·        Silverman Studios

Silverman Studios mixes the right amount of cinematic artistry and narrative storytelling that captures the heart and soul of the business, creating the best engaging medium to attract the most clients.

·        Video Jeeves

Video Jeeves is a top-notch video animation company headquartered in California. They deliver 100% tailor-made, high-quality 2D and 3D Animations. A team of professional scriptwriters, Storyboard artists, Animators, and VFX artists is readily available on dedicated and shared project-based models.

·        Scribe Bunny

Scribe Bunny is a whiteboard animation production company devoted to bringing convenience to clients and their audiences. Partners with leading businesses for the past seven years, they have created more than 1000 videos for their clients in different countries and multiple languages.

A few more whiteboard animation companies:

·        JSB Video LLC

It is a multidimensional video production agency that provides a spectrum of video solutions developed to meet clients’ unique needs. From branded high-quality content and live streaming to podcast production and event coverage, they have the expertise to elevate the brand’s presence in the digital landscape.

·        IdeaRocket

It is an award-winning website design and marketing agency that helps businesses grow and stand out.

The company has a proven track record of creating captivating websites and marketing campaigns that drive brand engagement and results.

·        PPS Content

PPS Content started as a spinoff from Professional Prospecting Systems, one of North America’s oldest B2B marketing and lead generation companies.

PPS has always used content to improve the results of client marketing campaigns. Animated videos significantly impacted the results of the clients’ lead-gen campaigns and their own campaigns.

·        Eleven Gates

Eleven Gates makes it a point to explore different industries and work with people and brands since they want to experience the pinnacle of corporate branding via video creation.

·        Cartoon Media

Cartoon Media provides compelling, fully custom animated marketing and training videos, also known as Explainer, Doodle, and Whiteboard Animations, that attract, engage, entertain, and educate potential customers.

·        Stellar Videos

Stellar Videos is a leading animated explainer video production firm with years of experience.

It expertly crafts videos that engage viewers with powerful, easy-to-understand visuals. The visuals are creative, captivating, and compelling. After extensively researching the brand and product, the video is given the unique personality it deserves. Every color, element, character, and shape is carefully chosen to convey the message perfectly.


These whiteboard animation companies are the best in their field and can provide the best services for your business, so be sure to look them up if you need help making fun and exciting whiteboard animations.

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