Using ChatGPT to Write Dissertation Can Lead to College Expulsion!

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From its appearance in 2022 till today ChatGPT is in the conversation in every sector. And because it can generate text. So, it become a usual question among the minds everywhere. That “What is the limit of ChatGPT?”. Which task can it perform well? And on which lessons using ChatGPT is not beneficial at all. The questions like that are in every field. And so does in academic sector. 

The students have to complete a lot of assignments for their academic success. And because of the complexity and time-consuming process students find ways to get rid of it.  

Since then, the power of ChatGPT has been in discussion. So, the students are also talking about taking help from ChatGPT for assignments like Thesis reports, or dissertations.  And what could be the possible consequences of taking help from ChatGPT? So, if you are thinking the same then don’t worry. I gathered some information and writing it for you. So, you can get all your answers related to it. So, let’s get into it.

Should I Use ChatGPT or Not What’s the best advice for me?

The simple answer is NO. But to identify the problems with ChatGPT and why it is not good for us. So, let’s dive into the reasons.

Easy Detection:

If you are using ChatGPT for dissertation writing, or any other kind of assignment. Then there is a very high possibility that it will be detected easily Because the institutes have many paid software that can easily detect whether the writing is AI or human. And if the institute finds out that the student uses AI tools. Or write his assignment with tools like AI. Then they might fail the students.

And that is the reason why you should avoid using tools like ChatGPT for your assignments writing. Like for a dissertation or any other assignment. Instead do your hard work to complete the assignments. This will not just enhance your knowledge but also help in giving certain in-depth insights. And it can certainly become the reason for your expulsion. 

Inaccuracy & False information:

You might have known that the ChatGPT was created till the data of Sep 2021. And after that, ChatGPT can’t give you any kind of information. And that is one of the biggest drawbacks of using it for dissertations or essays. Or for any other type of academic assignment. 

It is obvious that if the teacher finds out that you have used false or inaccurate information. Then it might be possible that they deduct your marks. And nobody wants that, right? 

The information is changing and there are thousands of events happening in a single day. And that is why when you ask ChatGPT about those events. Then it would not give you the perfect answer. And it won’t be able to help you with that.

Lack of Critical Thinking:

A machine will always remain a machine. And it can’t think like a human brain could. Even if it tries to adapt the thinking. But the humans will always keep an edge on it. Because humans are the ones who created ChatGPT. 

Another issue with using chatGPT is that it can’t do critical thinking. And it only provides you with the information that is available on the internet and what it has successfully covered in its database.

Critical thinking means thinking about a certain topic in multiple aspects. And as the ChatGPT doesn’t have a brain. Or that capability. So, it can’t show any kind of creativity.  

Also, critical thinking is one of the most crucial aspects of the dissertation. And if a student lacks in it. Even in the proposal, the teachers won’t give them the marks they wanted. 

ChatGPT shows the result that its algorithm suggests is correct. And that is why there are many issues in the content. And this could be the reason for expulsion in it. 

Limitations of ChatGPT:

Every machine or tool has a limit. Even human thoughts have a limit. But to reach that limit. You have to unlock certain sections of your brain. Anyway, Like I said a machine or tool has a limit means that no matter how good your prompt is. And no matter how well you explain a problem to ChatGPT it always gives you the results as per its limit. 

And as of today, it is not that capable of crafting a 100% perfect result. Sometimes it understands the meaning of the wrong in the wrong direction. Then no matter whether you are trying to write a dissertation or any other thing it will show you confusing results.  

So, if you add that confusing content to your dissertation that most probably your teacher will not give you the right marks. And if they find out that the written content is AI. Then this will be considered as cheating. And your academic future might be in trouble. Or you might get expelled. 

Plagiarism Issues:

Another issue that might become the reason for your expulsion is Plagiarized content. Because it is a tool that has access to the internet. And shows the information from the internet. That is why it has been one of the things that you should avoid. So, you can hire someone professional who has been doing this for so long. You just have to write pay someone to write my dissertation UK and it will show you a lot of options for your dissertation.

ChatGPT collects data from the internet and shows the relevant information word-to-word. And that is why the content that you write from ChatGPT or any other tool is easily detectable. And it is not right for the students to get help from such tools. It doesn’t matter if a student uses it for writing a small essay or a big dissertation which ChatGPT. Or any other AI tool would not be helpful for you.


The usage of ChatGpt for college dissertations will most probably lead to expulsion. As there are a lot of problems in it. Firstly, the content of AI is detectable. And there are available tools that can easily detect whether the content is written by AI or not. Secondly, ChatGPT can also show false information or show inaccuracy in the data. Which reduces the quality of the content? Thirdly, ChatGPT can’t solve problems or come up with a solution by using critical thinking. Fourthly, there are certain limitations of Chatbot and you can’t get the results better than its limitations. Lastly, there are plagiarism issues. That is in the results of ChatGPT. And your college professors find out that you have been using ChatGPT or any other AI tool. So, there is a very high possibility that they will expel you. 


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