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Vitamin D Deficiency In Children: Symptoms & Treatment

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Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for the growth and development of children. It plays a significant role in maintaining bone health & density, the functioning of the immune system, and overall well-being. Unfortunately, many children worldwide are struggling with Vitamin D deficiency. 

As parents and caregivers, you must be aware of the symptoms, risks, and treatment of vitamin D deficiency. Since there can be some long-lasting effects on children’s health, you must get a proper pathlabs full body checkup. In this article, you will explore vitamin D deficiency’s signs & symptoms and diagnosis.

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Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency in Children

1. Inadequate Sun Exposure

Vitamin D deficiency can arise in your kid if he spends less time outdoors during the day or lives in a space most of the time with limited sunlight. To ensure your kid has sufficient vitamin D, you can help him indulge in outdoor activities, such as skating, basketball, football, and cricket. While playing with friends during sunlight, your kid may have adequate sun exposure and be physically active. 

2. Improper Diet

Due to less or no consumption of vitamin D-rich foods, like egg yolks, your kid may face a deficiency. Thus, you can ensure that your child has a balanced diet with an adequate amount of all necessary nutrients.

3. Obesity

Due to excess body fat, vitamin D levels can decrease. Due to lower vitamin levels, your kid may face a deficiency. You must ensure your child is healthy and has normal weight as per the Body Mass Index (BMI). If he/she is overweight, you must consult the best doctor. 

4. Skin Color

If your child has a darker skin complexion, there can be less vitamin D production when exposed to sunlight. Thus, your kid may require more sun exposure and other doctor-recommended supplements to get adequate vitamins. 

Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

As parents and caregivers, you must know the common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. You must note that these symptoms may vary from one child to another. Some common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency include:-

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1. Bone Health Issues

If you observe your kid is feeling pain in their bones, you must visit the best diagnostic center. If not treated timely, fractures or difficulty in walking & crawling are possible. 

2. Muscle Weakness

Children suffering from vitamin D deficiency may experience fatigue while participating in physical activities like sports. It might be challenging for them to be active. You can consult a reliable healthcare provider if your child avoids activities which require more muscle strength, such as playing football or cricket. 

3. Delayed Growth

Due to Vitamin D deficiency, a kid has less growth and development rate. If your kid’s weight and height are not growing normally, he needs immediate medical attention. Doctors may do a proper body check up to monitor your kid’s health risks.

4. Recurrent Infections

If a child’s immune system weakens, he/she becomes more susceptible to infections, such as flu, respiratory problems, and colds. Your child may get sick frequently due to insufficient amounts of vitamin D. 

5. Mood Swings 

The effects of Vitamin D deficiency are physical and psychological. If your kid shows signs of mood disorders like anxiety and anger, you can consult the doctor for a complete body check-up. With early identification of health problems, health risks are minimized and treated on time. 

6. Bone Deformities

In critical cases of Vitamin D deficiency, children may develop bone deformities, like rickets. The bones may become soft and bend under pressure. Thus, it is advisable to visit a well-known diagnostic center.

7. Dental Problems

Vitamin D deficiency has an adverse effect on oral health. There can be dental issues, such as delayed tooth eruption and increased cavities. To ensure your kid’s overall well-being, you must keenly observe your child’s health and behavior. If your kid constantly touches his teeth and complains about toothache, you can consult your doctor today.

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Diagnosis & Treatment

To determine the vitamin D levels among children, healthcare professionals conduct medical tests to diagnose and provide effective treatment. Some of these include:-

  • Vitamin D 1, 25- Dihydroxy

This test is prescribed to determine the problems related to vitamin D deficiency, bone metabolism, and malabsorption. Doctors conduct the Dihydroxy blood test if your kid struggles with musculoskeletal signs or symptoms, such as joint pains and muscle weakness.

  • Vitamin D, 25-OH

One of the reliable tests to monitor Vitamin D levels is the Vitamin 25- Hydroxy test. Healthcare providers prescribe this test to determine possible Vitamin D deficiency and problems related to bone metabolism or malabsorption. 

After the precise diagnosis, the healthcare providers offer the best treatment to help your kids return to an active lifestyle. They may provide medications and diet charts to ensure your kid stays active. 

Bottom Line

Vitamin D deficiency is common among children. It can adversely affect a child’s overall growth and development. You must be aware of the common symptoms, such as muscle weakness, recurrent infections, and dental problems. If you observe any of these symptoms, you must visit the best diagnostic center. The healthcare providers may do pathlabs full body checkups and other tests, like vitamin D, to diagnose & address health issues effectively. 

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