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The Fall Guy is one of those incredible shows where you can see a Hollywood Stuntman making the splash with stunts. These stunts involve some of the most death-defying acts that no act might even dare to execute. Believe it or not, the stunts would make Jackie Chan look like Little Red Riding Hood. Donning the infamous Fall Guy Jacket, the stuntman Colt Seavers embarks on an adventure to capture the criminals and fugitives running rampant on the streets.

It would be awkward to see a movie stuntman as a superhero. She does some of the most death-defying stunts just to capture the criminals in real life. It is a cool touch since you never get to see an action hero fight crimes for real. Trust me, if this guy would move on to capture the bad guys, then guys like Arnold or Bruce Willis would never dare to do this for real.

You might see movie stars jumping off buildings or holding a helicopter with the strength of their bare hands. However, these would only make the stars look badass on screen but not in real life. The Fall Guy does this better than that with the stuntman himself taking on the role of an action hero for real. That is not all, he is also taking out the bad guys, which is for sure an innovative idea lost in time.s

The First Season features montages from multiple movies:

The series features a stuntman fighting crimes for real. You probably are noticing that some of the stunts are actually a homage to the other movies. This is when it gets interesting as The Fall Guy uses the stunts that were initially featured in some of the best movies of that time. These include many of the 80s classics like The Hot Rock, Our Man Flint, to name a few. I truly dig the idea as these would make Colt Seavers look like a badass in the movie. Something that not even a regular stuntman would even dare to be.

So, the scenes from the movie inspired some of the scenes that show Colt Seavers performing the act. The inspirations for the series were countless, as this added a layer of originality while coupled with the faithfulness of the original movies. Secondly, the Fall Guy Jacket is also a montage of the movies that shows some actions. However, this guy can fight crimes for real, and the heroes are still scared to do this, but they love him anyway.

The Truck of the Actor

I would say that I was enchanted by the Fall Guy Jacket, along with the truck featured in the series. This truck is part of Seaver’s crew whenever he is out there fighting crimes on the streets of Hollywood. Have you ever imagined how many trucks were destroyed during the making of the series? That number still hangs in the balance. Of course, the shooting of the series involved some stunts that damaged the truck due to the stunt.

This is where the shock value arrives, as the product has used various truck models. They range from Rounded Line 1981 GMC K-2500 Wideside to K-25 Wideside. Most of the stunts in the 1980s were performed with real equipment, which contrasts with the digital technology used for stunts.

However, the truck’s model was further modified, and the director also chose to play it safe here. The trucks had minor damage. They could use them again in another episode. Now, you might think that the 80s era never used to play it safe, but it did, to be honest.

The Theme of the Series

Some of the most popular songs inspired the theme of the series at the time of 1980. Lee Majors, none other than Lee Majors, sang the main theme of the series, “Unknown Stuntman.” This fact probably led to the translation of the theme’s music into a single. It is quite a coincidence that we rarely see it in the 80s era. Just as you can see now, a theme becomes so awesome that it comes in a single as well.

This could be a miracle moment for Lee Majors as his theme song became a single in Hollywood. Apart from that, a line of TV series themes also released their singles, and the singer behind the theme would also receive some recognition. However, no one can forget about that awesome Fall Guy Jacket.

The Remake Fall Guy Jacket

Now, this is the moment we have all been waiting for because This series is getting a movie. It is weird to say that the movie is coming after about 40 years since season 2 of The Fall Guy arrived. Now, you may be guessing who would portray Colt Seavers in the movie. The answer is Ryan Gosling. Of course, we know him as one of the most charismatic movie stars, especially for his performance in ‘Drive.’ This dream is coming true because he would look awesome in that classic Fall Guy outfit.

The movie will be released in the year 2024, marking the return of the Fall Guy to the modern world. This would be the best moment for all of us since Ryan Gosling can play such complex roles. The best part is that the movie continues the series that once ruled the 80s era.

To be fair Ryan Gosling is a perfect fit for the role since he is known for some of the gor scenes in some movies. He would fit well in the role not just because of his good looks, but also the daring ability to take on a complex role like the one in Colt Seavers.

Closing The Book

The Fall Guy truly brought the magic that no one will ever forget. That cool hairstyle and that cool Fall Guy Jacket. That awesome actor performing stunts to capture the bad guys is pretty cool, huh? It would be awesome to see Ryan Reynolds Don that iconic Fall Guy Jacket and spring into action to capture the criminals and bring them to justice.

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