“What Are The Famous Services Offered At Geylang Spa

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What is a Spa?

A spa is a place which provides you with certain services to help your body and mind to relax. The therapies and exercises given by a spa helps in providing you with physical, mental and spiritual healing that is important for your health and longevity.

The Services That Are Provided By a Spa:

There are variety of treatments and services given by any spa that includes:
 Body massage
 Hair services
 Foot massage
 Facials
 Waxing
 Microdermabrasion
 Body treatments
 Manicures
 Pedicures
 Aromatherapy

Special Features that Geylang Spa has to Offer:

It is somewhat considered adjacent to a public bath in Singapore. It is a complex spa that is expressive of a Chinese hot spring resort. Best part about this spa is that it provides you with the facility of both cold and hot pools that helps your body with proper blood circulation. There are two rooms namely “steam room” and “sauna room”. Both are best for soothing and relaxation. The management provides you with
comfortable sitting arrangement such as sofas with individual screens to watch whatever you want to and
you are served with variety of foods of your choice. If you want to have a Thai massage, then you must visit Rejuvenate Spa. This massage place in Geylang gives you the facilities with the help of new tools, techniques and equipment that are best for your body.

What Are the Famous Services Offered by Geylang Spa?

There is a big range of Spa services provided by Geylang Spa that consists of: Full Body Massages, Foot
Reflexology, Hot Stone Spa, Facial Treatments, Nail Care, Body Scrub, and many more till early mornings. Their detailed massage therapies energize your senses and give you a sense of calmness and well-being that will match tour expectations. Their masseuses are highly qualified and experienced to carry out any treatment. They take care both of your well-being and beauty.

What do they have to Offer?

The services include:
 Gateway to vitality: In this treatment, there is a deep tissue therapeutic body massage that focuses on your pressure points in order to unblock your body’s energy flow and eliminate toxins from your lymphatic system. You will walk out feeling energized than before.
Cost: A 60 minutes session for non-member is $165 and for member is $130. A 90 minutes session for non-member is $200 and for member it is $165. A 120 minutes session for non-member is $235 and
for member is $200. (These prices are included in the admission procedure)
 G Harmony:
In this treatment, they use medium pressure palm strokes for an ultimate relaxation. They give you the option to choose complimentary G Essential Oil.
Cost: A 90 minutes session for non-member is $22b and for member it is $185.
 G Golf: This treatment is especially provided to golf players. They are offered with an hour long massage on injury affected areas with rapid rubbing motions for pain relieving. The targeted areas are shoulder blades, wrists, hands and legs. The therapists use kneading strokes on key meridian points to loosen hard muscles and ease muscle tension.
Cost: A 60 minutes session for non-member is $165 and for a member it is $130.
 G Reflex: This is the natural healing therapy that focuses on the “souls” of the feet that minimizes blockages.
Cost: A 60 minutes session for non-member is $138 and for member it is $105.
 Hot Stone Spa:
It consists of a Hot Stone bed that is made up of FIR-tech materials that helps in circulating your blood by warming your body to sweat out dirty toxins blocked in your body. It will give you a pinkish complexion at the end. 45 minutes of gaining this treatment is the same as spending an hour at the gym.
Cost: A 60 minutes session for non-member is $113
 Customized Classic Facial Treatment:
Cost: A 60 minutes session is $195 for non-member and for the member it is $163.

 MCD Facial Treatment:
It uses both morphology and morpholymphatic drainage to provide full energy, and regrowth of
epidermis for a firm, younger and healthier-looking skin.
Cost: A 90 minutes session for non-member is $225 and for a member it is $193.
 Spa admission:
It is for one time 24 hours entry. You will join at 10am one day and leave at 10 am the next day. No
appointment is required prior coming. Spa admission will be given upon the time of leaving
the area.
Additional services provided by the spa are:
Chinese Meridian Therapy (it is designed according to your body’s requirements and worked on
specific meridian points), Chinese Meridian Therapy with Cupping and Gua Sha and Chinese Meridian Therapy with just Cupping. Moreover, a couple’s Spa treatment is provided to let couples enjoy the massages together and to leave their daily life stresses behind. Other services include:
Foot Bath that is done for 10 minutes, Chiropody treatment that is done for 60 minutes and massage for scalp and neck that is done for 30 minutes.

The interpretation:

It’s hard to choose a Spa that gives you an everlasting experience of relaxation besides taking care of your beauty essentials. A 60 minutes professionally done massage is equal to 7-8 hours of sleep. Besides selecting the right option for a massage center, it is important to know about the treatments done right. If they are not done the right way and professionally, then your visit to spa will go waste. The basic purpose of your full body massage is to give you soothing and relaxing feels. You can receive all these massaging techniques right under one roof here at Geylang spa. So, not all the massage types are perfect for relaxation motive because some of them are designed to improve body ailment and skin problems.


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