What Ayurvedic Techniques are used for Full Body Orchard Massage?

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When you are mentally and physically tired, you need a break from worldly matters and focus on yourself. A full-body massage is a perfect break for your whole body. The old traditional techniques of full body Orchard massage are Ayurvedic techniques that give you relief from certain diseases and find their root cause and physical, mental, and spiritual relief.
Ayurveda is the oldest healthcare system in the world, which came to India 5,000 years ago. It’s a completely holistic and natural treatment for a variety of diseases. The name Ayurveda is derived from two Sanskrit words, “Ayur” or “Ayus,” which means “life” or “longevity,” and “Veda,” which means “science or knowledge.”

Why you should try Ayurvedic techniques?

Ayurveda is not just an ancient healing system; it also asks for complete and steadfast dedication to achieving the right balance in life. It is not just a treatment but suggests a way of living life healthily and energetically. This mechanism involves therapies, herbal remedies, yoga, dietary control meditation, and lifestyle changes to restore your health, improve your quality of life, and complement nature. An

Ayurvedic practitioner will facilitate you with diagnosing your problem and how it originated and makes a remedial plan in which treatment and therapies are included using natural healing of Ayurvedic techniques and therapies. After a complete look at the patient’s disease and condition, they provide you with medications and treatments that will change your lifestyle and analysis.

How do the Ayurveda techniques work?

The specially designed Ayurveda techniques help harmonize and relax your body muscles by increasing blood circulation and removing toxins from the body. The methods are best for both genders and can be done at any age. Professional therapists do the therapies under the observation of Ayurvedic physicians. According to the patient’s body, special oils mixed with traditional herbs are applied and massaged on the body. The people who go through these therapies regularly are better at health and well-being.

The different types of Ayurvedic techniques performed:

 Abhyangam:

This is the Ayurvedic technique that involves extreme relaxing and deep body massage. It consists of 7 essential oils applied in different postures. The professionals recommend having this massage daily for your body’s health and refreshing your soul. This technique uses high-quality

Ayurvedic special oils that energize your body inside out and give your body strength mentally and physically.

 Elakizhi:

This old Ayurvedic technique uses several medicinal leaves (herbs). It induces perspiration in the affected areas and releases waste from the skin. Fresh leaves have vata-pacifying properties and make the herbal khizhis (bundles). These bundles are dipped in warm Ayurvedic oils and are massaged on the body.

 Herbal steam bath:

This old tradition of therapy gives a range of health and beauty benefits. This technique exposes the body to steam simmered with herbs and medicated oils. This therapy will remove toxins, impurities, and excess fat from the body.

 Kathivasti:

This full body massage Orchard technique involves pouring Ayurvedic oils on the affected area surrounded by herbal and dough paste. This is a straightforward yet unique Ayurvedic technique. After that, a gentle massage is provided. Ayurvedic oil and herbs will be selected according to the patient’s needs.

 Januvasti:

It is the best, most effective and time-tested technique specially designed for chronic knee pain, stiffness, inflammation, and injury. The treatment is done by pouring warm oil on the affected area bordered with gram flour. This provides pain relief for a long time. After the therapy, the Ayurvedic massage or Abhyanga is done. The oils and medicines are selected based on the person’s bodily needs.

 Nasyam:

In Ayurvedic therapy, treating nostrils is a doorway to the brain. The Nasyam (Errhine therapy) is a potent, energetic Panchakarma therapy that involves pouring medicated herbal oils into the nostrils. It’s a method of Kalarichikilsa that treats illnesses related to the head region, and its results are tremendous.

 Netratharpanam:

This therapy is specially designed to soothe the eyes. This technique uses pure Ayurvedic ghee or oils to cleanse the eyes. This therapy is highly recommended for those who wear goggles, suffer from dry, sore, and tired eyes, and work continuously on computers.

 Njavarakizhi:

It is a very unique Ayurvedic massage therapy in which Njavara (Shashtika Shali) or cooked rice mixed with herbal extract of kurumthotti (Sida Rombifolia) is used tied in cotton boluses called kizhis. These kizhis are dipped in Ayurvedic oils and are massaged on the whole body or the affected part to induce sudation.

 Pizhichil:

This Ayurvedic technique is a very excellent detox therapy. It uses warm medicated Ayurvedic oil all over the body and after that energizing, nourishing, and gentle massage is done. The massage induces perspiration and removes all toxins from the body.

 Podikizhi:

It is the most common and effective Ayurvedic technique that involves using kizhi (cotton boluses) having 12 herbs that are dipped in Ayurvedic oils and applied all over the body. It helps in treating neuro muscular diseases and brings back your natural body balance.

 Shirodhara head massage:

This is the most ancient and divine Ayurvedic technique bringing back the state of mind and providing with deep relaxation. In Shirodhara technique, the therapist will pour warm, aromatic, and medicated Ayurvedic oil, milk, or buttermilk onto the patient’s forehead. It will stimulate the pituitary gland or “third eye” giving you immediate rest, calm, and energy.

 Takradhara:

This Ayurvedic technique uses warm, medicated buttermilk that is poured on the forehead to help the brain and mind relaxes, thus reducing stress. Like in Sirodhara, Takradhara also uses continuous pouring of buttermilk on the forehead or the whole body.

 Thalam:

In this Ayurvedic technique, the patient’s head will be covered with herbal paste and warm medicated Ayurvedic oil will be poured slowly onto the forehead. It is very effective for problems related to the nervous system and mental disorders.

 Thalapothichil:

It is also known as Shirolepa. In this technique, a highly effective and medical-value herbal paste is applied to the patient’s scalp. The herbal paste will penetrate and nourish the brain and nervous system, energizing the person from the inside.

 Udhwarthanam:

Last but not least, this deep tissue massage uses herbal powders and medicated oils on the body. This therapy uses upward massage strokes that increase blood circulation throughout the body and detoxify it. For this reason, it is recommended for daily usage.


To get your body relaxed and energized, it is suggested to undergo these Ayurvedic techniques for full body orchard massage. They are also recommended as they are ancient and effective techniques done by professional therapists who are well-experienced in them. By being old, tried, and effective, they are suggested to be done daily.


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