Why Choose the Online Application Process for Canada Visitor Visa

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Canada is one of the top countries that provides an amalgamation of everything you expect from an alien land you migrate to. It offers great employment opportunities, a robust medical and healthcare system, and a strong economy that promises to grow and improve. Its world-class education system offers all the courses a student would want to pursue in the stream of their choice. Beyond all this, it is home to the flora and fauna that have attracted tourists for ages.

Whenever you are visiting Canada for a short time, be it for travel or business, you can go with applying for a Canada visa application online. You may also apply for a tourist visa if you visit the country for personal or even compassionate reasons.

Who Can Apply for the Canada Visa Application Online?

You can apply for the Canada visa application online if you meet the following requirements:

● Good health

● Have a passport or any other valid travel document

● Have no immigration-related or criminal convictions

● Convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada once your visit ends

● Convince the immigration officer of your connections, such as financial assets, home, job, or family for whom you will return to your country

● Have enough finances to support your stay. The money you need depends on the duration of your stay and where you will be staying.

In some circumstances, you may also need a letter of invitation from someone who already lives in Canada and a medical examination.

What are the Documents Required to Get a Visitor’s Visa?

The documents you need to get the visitor’s visa depend on why you visit Canada. Your documents will differ depending on whether you are visiting as a tourist, for business, for a family visit, or for compassionate reasons.

Some major documents you will need to get a tourist visa are:

● Identity documents

● Travel history, which has a clear copy, or at least your previous visas or passports, may have been used within the last decade of travelling outside your country, exit and entry stamps and previous visas.

● Itinerary with your visa application. The itinerary may include information such as hotel reservations, flight details, and registration for an event.

● A bank account statement. It will help the Canadian government understand whether you have enough funds to support yourself during your entire stay in Canada.

● Form IMM 5476

● Family information in IMM 5645

Note: Form IMM 5476 may be required if someone else, like a family member or any other third party, is applying for the visa on your behalf. You will also need to fill in IMM 5645 if you are an applicant over 18.

Steps Involved in Applying for a Canada Visitor Visa

The steps involved in applying for a Canada visitor visa include the following:

● Prepare the documents you need to apply for a Canada tourist visa

● File your application online

● To begin your application process, you must first make an account. 

● Upload all the required documents

● Pay the required fees

● Give your fingerprints and photo. Once you complete your biometrics, your application then gets processed.

The Canadian government processes your application by first ascertaining that you have provided all the needed documents. If it’s incomplete, the Canadian authorities return your application without further processing it. If your application gets approved, the government asks you to send them your passport per the specific instructions laid by the Canadian government.

Even after the approval of your application, you still need to carry all your documents. When you arrive in Canada, you must present extra documents to the border services officer.

Documents Required After Arrival in Canada with a Tourist Visa

The conditions when you will need extra documents on your arrival in Canada is if you have a minor child under 18 travelling with you. In that case, you will need a letter authorizing the travel of the minor child in Canada and other documents such as custody decree or adoption papers, depending on whether the minor child is travelling alone.

If you were invited to Canada by any company or person, you must bring a letter of invitation. Sometimes, the border service officers ask to see it. 


Once you meet all the criteria and have your application approved by the Canadian government, you can travel to Canada. One of the important aspects of your entire journey and during your stay will be to carry all the documents you will need and take advantage of everything. 

Once you reach any primary Canadian airport, your fingerprints undergo automatic checks. The authorities also complete your identification check, after which you can enter the country, travel, and leave after completing your stay.


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