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Why do approaches to pedagogical innovation matter at Abu Dhabi School?

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Schools all over the globe are switching from old-fashioned teaching practices to innovative learning. The idea is to make children engage better in their studies to help them achieve well above their potential.

Another reason every Abu Dhabi Indian School is shifting towards innovation in education is the global demand! There is so much competition in every domain that the schools must train their students to be skilled enough to sail through.

These are the reasons schools ditch traditional teaching practices and try using conceptual teaching, adaptive learning, and other pedagogies. Even the parents are aware and concerned about the teaching practices that the school use for their child. That is why they enquire about the teaching mechanism before asking about nursery Abu Dhabi Fees. Let us discuss why pedagogical innovations are significant at the Abu Dhabi Schools. 

Why do the approaches to pedagogical innovation matter?

  • Innovation makes everything interesting! When it comes to education, many children feel bored and monotonous, hampering their academic performance. Innovation in teaching practices is necessary to avoid this and ensure every child performs to the best of their potential. Schools can opt for activity-based learning, where students perform different interesting tasks. The best part is that these tasks teach an academic concept simultaneously.
  • Another innovative technique that schools often opt for is discussion-based learning. With this approach, students learn various academic concepts, and at the same time, their skill set gets better. For example, their communication skills improve, and they gain confidence in public speaking and putting their views in front of others. All these skills help the child throughout their life, helping them ladder up in their professional career. 
  • These days, technology also plays a significant role in innovating the teaching pedagogies used by a school. Schools use digital tools and platforms to train their students, ensuring they keep up with modern-day learning practices. Through this, children get familiar with the latest technical developments, which the world has adapted to, and can adjust to even if they shift to a new school anytime.
  • With innovative practices, the quality of education improves. As students choose the activities they want to perform, they actively engage and show full involvement. Hence, the students learn the concepts associated with that activity much better, and it gets inked in their memory forever. Thus, it can be rightfully said that some innovations can improve the quality of education and benefit both; the school and the students. 
  • When students are interested in what they are being taught, they also develop a sense of respect for their teachers. It will help improve the relationship between the student and the teacher, which is good for the overall growth of a child. 

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These facts clearly state that innovation in pedagogies matters in Abu Dhabi schools. It improves the education quality, supports the holistic development of students, and helps achieve excellent academic performances. So, schools should always keep working on bringing innovation into their teaching practices to ensure their students are ready for the competitive world ahead.


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