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7 Ways You Can Use Custom Embroidered Patches to Stand Out

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Could you do us a quick favour? Take a moment to ponder all the different ways you can use custom embroidered patches. We bet that when you first thought about them, personalizing clothing and promoting businesses were the only things that crossed your mind. However, these patches bring more to the table than just these two superficial uses.

Think of them as one of those versatile tools that surprise you with hidden potentials, even when you thought you’d explored all their benefits. In this blog, we’ll reveal some of the most surprising and unconventional uses for custom embroidered badges that you probably never thought about before. Let’s jump right in!

7 Incredible Uses Of Custom Embroidered Patches That Will Take You By Surprise


P-caps have long been a favourite choice for adding a touch of casual yet stylish flair to your outfit. However, it’s also true that they haven’t really changed much over the past few decades, which can sometimes make them appear a bit boring. But guess what? You can easily breathe new life into your caps by attaching a few custom badges.

This simple addition won’t just set your cap apart from the crowd but also elevate your entire look. This also means you’ll no longer have to hunt for specific caps in the market. Heading to a basketball game? Just customize your P-cap by affixing your favourite team’s embroidered logo patch, and you’re all set to represent it!

Phone Case

While phone cases are primarily used to shield your phone from damage and scratches, they’ve also become a trendy fashion statement in recent times. You can find phone covers featuring everything from sports teams and famous celebrities to popular movies. But what if we told you there’s an even more enjoyable way to personalize your mobile case? You’ve got it – patches!

Got a theme in mind? It’s as simple as picking up a clear phone case that fits your mobile model and then discovering some designs online. Reach out to a Canada patches maker to craft emblems for you. Just ensure these patches come with adhesive backing so you can effortlessly apply them to your phone’s cover and proudly flaunt your DIY design!


Unless you find joy in flaunting your MacBook’s logo, you can use customized embroidered badges to give your laptop a whole new look. Of course, in this case, you can’t sew or apply heat to attach the patch. Instead, you’ll need to find stick-on crests that will seamlessly adhere to the back of your laptop.

In our opinion, morale patches are an excellent choice for your computer. For example, motivational one-liners like “You’ve Got This,” “You’re Doing Great,” “You Can Do This,” or “Keep Going” can provide a constant source of inspiration during your workday.

Alternatively, you can explore random designs that can enhance your laptop’s otherwise plain appearance. If you have an eye for aesthetics, a quick search on Pinterest for minimalistic design ideas will yield a wealth of inspiration!


Not all of us are friends with our homework, right? Sometimes, tackling those assignments or preparing for a quiz can feel like a real challenge. But here’s a fun idea that might just spice things up: why not jazz up your school supplies?

You might not be able to put your name on your pens and pencils, but you can totally give your notebooks and journals a cool makeover. Like laptops, you can stick personalized morale patches on your journal, too, to give you a dose of motivation whenever you need it.

If you have something specific in mind, go ahead with it. But if you can’t think of anything, Pinterest is the way to go. You’ll discover infinite designs on the platform that you can make into an emblem and affix to your notebook!

Baby Carriage

Why baby carriages are often so plain and lack charm is something we’ll never understand. After all, they’re for babies, shouldn’t they be fun and adorable? Well, you might not be able to change the minds of the manufacturers, but you can certainly add a touch of uniqueness and attractiveness to the one you already have.

If your toddler happens to adore certain cartoon characters, consider creating an emblem featuring those characters and adding it to their stroller. This simple customization might just make the carriage more appealing to them. And who knows, maybe this trend will catch on, and manufacturers will finally realize what their products have been missing all along!


Just like most of our belongings, wallets are mass-produced, too. Hence, they often lack that special touch of uniqueness. What’s frustrating is that while you can personalize many of your other items with fashion accessories, your wallet usually stays the same.

But here’s some good news: you can now add some flair to your wallet by decorating it with embroidered patches Canada. It might sound surprising, but it’s a neat way to make your wallet truly your own. Just find a design that speaks to you and attach it to your personal ATM. Want to have even more fun? How about adding some dollar bill emojis? The choice is all yours!


You probably already know this, but shoes are like a blank canvas just waiting for a touch of creativity. But the thing is, most people limit their options to hand-painting when it comes to customizing their footwear. However, embroidered badges are a much more convenient and flexible alternative.

This works perfectly, especially if you have plain white casual shoes. You can experiment with a range of colours and designs to craft a pair of shoes that’s entirely unique. The added bonus is that using patches can also reinforce weak areas on your footwear, potentially extending its lifespan. So, it’s not just a fun creative outlet; it’s also a savvy way to save money in the long run!

DIY Keychain

We all carry our keys everywhere, but how often do we really think about our keychains? They are usually plain and uninspiring, but paying attention to these small details can be a wonderful way to showcase your personality.

Creating your own keychain is surprisingly simple. All you need to do is buy a key ring from the store. Then, explore some designs on the internet and turn one of them into a patch. After that, just punch a hole in the patch and attach it to the key ring.

Can you believe how easy and budget-friendly this is? Take our word for it: once you craft your own keychain, you’ll never want to buy one from the market again!

Key Takeaway: There Are Endless Uses For Patches As Long As You Think Creatively

The thing we absolutely love about patches is how you never have to toss them out. There’s always a new way to use them once you’ve grown tired of their current purpose. There are likely countless more ways to utilize embroidered badges, but the ones we’ve mentioned are all easy, enjoyable, and affordable. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your DIY attire and start your customization adventure!


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