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Keep Your Handbag Looking Brand New with Base Shapers from MBoutique AU in UK

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It’s just a scratch”, we’ve all been to this phase. Sometimes, especially working women, they get emotionally attached to their bags. First of all, bags are expensive, secondly, they resemble our personality and fashion sense. 

According to fashion’s point of view, handbags are the most essential part of an outfit. It is a fact that until you do not try matching a bag with your clothes, you can never be able to visualize the elegance of your personality. 

Yet, if these essentials are not kept maintained, they will start losing their shape. They will get saggy and will not remain in the position to be used. That is why, in this article, you are going to read about the ways; how we can keep our bags maintained and last longer. 

How a Bag Becomes Droopy?

The ones who use handbags on a regular basis and are busy with their schedule, sometimes impulsively, overload their bags. Or while travelling, we try our best to stuff everything we can in a single handbag. But this is actually the worst. 

This is the thing that we always feel guilty about at the end when they become droopy, “I wish I would have taken care of it before”. Dear pals, our bags always deserve a bit of tender loving care. 

If we ultimately start overstuffing our bags, the bottom will stretch and it will become droopy. There will be stretch marks at the bottom and the fabric will be destroyed. So why don’t we apply a 5-minute effort on our bags? If yes then read the above important paragraphs. 

How to Give Our Bags a Tender Loving Care?

I truly understand that after a long working day, all we need is our bed. Most women without caring, just get home and put their bags anywhere. This is not correct. All you have to do is just spare 5 minutes to put your bag in a safe and maintained way. 

Never Hang Them

I know that we cannot resist the urge to hang our bags on the door knob or any certain hook. This stretches the bag. Especially when it is a tote, the accessories inside the bag will hang and its bottom will loose. This will make the bag droopy. 

The best you can do is put the bag on a table or a shelf. Put it in a way that its bottom will remain upright. Thank me later!

Keep it Away From Light

We all know that keeping a fabric in sunlight for a timeline makes it weak and decolourises it. Store your bags at a place at which sunlight does not reach. Keep them in an area of low humidity to prevent mold growth. 

Base Shapers 

Base shapers are plastic liners that can be fit inside the bottom of our bags to avoid droopiness. By inserting one, you can easily put lumpier items in your bag and its shape will never lose. It keeps the bag upright and hard. 

We do not usually keep our bags organized. We just stuff things inside them, for example, a water bottle, will slide to a corner and stretch the bottom of your tote. Stretch marks will appear and the leather will be ruined. The whole shape will be destroyed. 

That is why M Boutique is offering base shapers designed for bags in UK. Reach out to their website now and order yours. 

Dust Bag

Store your bag inside a dust bag that came along with it when you purchased it. Or the box in which it came. That dust bag or that box is officially designed by the brands specifically for the bag. Always store your bag in them. If you do not have them you can purchase one

Keep them Clean

Always use cleaning products recommended by the brands themselves. Otherwise, the usual products will ruin the fabric of the bag. It also depends that if you use nylon or leather. Each type of fabric needs a different cleaning agent. 


All of these problems can be easily fixed if you insert a base shaper sleekly under the bottom of your bag. M Boutique is providing base shapers for almost every professional bag brand. Check its website now to keep your bag maintained.


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